​handcrafted knives
​by Sergio Muelle,  AWCF
Handmade Knives, carefully crafted with an absolute holistic approach. All aspects; from the forging of the blades, working of the wood for the handles and even melting of brass or bronze for components such as ferrules, guards and pommels are done by hand in the workshop.  Fully bespoke and personalised knives with 100% of client's input towards the design, from concept, style and characteristics, to finished item.

About Twisted Horseshoe Knives

Some years ago I made a few letter openers, wall hooks, hoof picks and horse tieing rings out of old horseshoes for a charity auction.  When I showed my wife one of the pieces I had made,  she jokingly said: " Oh, it's  a twisted horseshoe..."

Who is at the anvil

In a nutshell:
Sergio Muelle
Born in Lima (Peru), childhood in Massachusetts (USA), Peru (again), Madrid (Spain) and (Estoril) Portugal. I settled as a farrier in central Spain, La Mancha, just outside the city of Toledo but, eventually, in 2000, found myself working in the Newmarket (Suffolk) area of influence.
In 2012 my knees decided they had suffered enough and called it quits as far as shoeing horses was concerned. I've always enjoyed working in the forge and rare is the farrier that has not attempted to make a knife at some point!
So now, what once was a hobby has developed into a fulltime occupation and my transformation from a Shoeing Smith to Blade Smith is complete!
This evolution is reflected in my ‘Maker’s Mark’  inspired in the thousands of years old ‘Ouroboros’ but adapted to reflect my lifetime link to horses; the dragon or snake is a horse head and the tail is a horseshoe. It symbolises constant renewal, renovation and recycling. Twofold in this case; as my personal recycling and the recycling of the materials I use in making my knives.


The Leatherwork

My Outdoors Knives require a sheath with the same 'feeling' I try to give the knives. These are beautifully hand stitched and crafted by Mark Papworth from White Buffalo Crafts.
​Please contact him should you need any leatherwork!

PleaseWhite Buffalo Crafts

White Buffalo Crafts