​handcrafted knives
​by Sergio Muelle,  AWCF
Handmade Knives, carefully crafted with an absolute holistic approach. All aspects; from the forging of the blades, working of the wood for the handles and even melting of brass or bronze for components such as ferrules, guards and pommels are done by hand in the workshop.  Fully bespoke and personalised knives with 100% of client's input towards the design, from concept, style and characteristics, to finished item.

Knife Sharpening Course            3 hours

Sharpening and Honing require practice, patience and an understanding not always in harmony with the enthusiasm of a knife owner. The edge of a knife must always be sharp. A blunt knife can be more dangerous as you have to apply more force to push it through. There are many methods of sharpening I will always prefer using whetstones for best results. ​​
For daily maintenance I suggest honing with a good quality sharpening steel. Modern diamond coated or ceramic steels are easy to use and more effective than the more traditional ones. Every knife must be gently reminded of its edge before being put away.

This is a 3 hour long course to learn how to efficiently sharpen knives on stones and how to use honing steels. We'll go through the tecnichal, theoretical and zen aspects of Sharpening and Honing.
The duration of the course is 3 Hours which could be arranged for the morning or the afternoon. Having been to many courses myself, I can appreciate flexibility for booking.

I certainly don't like running multitudinal courses so, it's designed for 1 person or 2 if they come together.

You can also purchase a Gift Voucher.

The price is £75.00 for 1 and £140 for 2 (payable in full when booking)
for enquireies and bookings