​handcrafted knives
​by Sergio Muelle,  AWCF
Handmade Knives, carefully crafted with an absolute holistic approach. All aspects; from the forging of the blades, working of the wood for the handles and even melting of brass or bronze for components such as ferrules, guards and pommels are done by hand in the workshop.  Fully bespoke and personalised knives with 100% of client's input towards the design, from concept, style and characteristics, to finished item.

Make a Knife in a Day Course​​
  The schedule for the day is:​​

08.45  Arrival, discussion of safety rules, concerns and                      familiarisation with the workshop. Coffee/Tea.

09.00  Start of course; discussion of your project, choice of              materials.
            Forging of the blade
            Grinding on belt grinder
            Quenching and Heat Treatment
            Grinding and Polishing

12~12.45   Lunch break 

            Preparation of all Handle Components
            Making of the Ferrule or Guard
            Assembly and gluing
            Shaping of handle and final sanding
            Sharpening, final polish and oiling.

4:00(…ish)   Finish
The idea behind this course is for you to have the experience of making your very own knife, from scratch and learn the basics of forging as well as the various aspects of knife making. You will walk away, at the end of the day, with a knife of your own making. I will be guiding you all the way, so you won’t go empty handed regardless of your dexterity.
Forging is a very demanding exercise that exacts skills and muscles that are likely to be lying dormant in you. In this Day Course, I do not expect you to hone such skills as this requires many hours of practice and those alluded muscles will soon declare they are not ready yet (!). You will however, get a very good idea of what forging is about and you’ll be reminded in the following days after, by the afore mentioned muscles, that you have been forging.
What you can make:
You can make just about any fixed blade knife though, there are certain caveats:

*Blade cannot exceed 160mm in length      (longer blades require more grinding      time)

*Hidden tang without pins

*Only a wood handle and ferrule

*Steel used will be a farrier's rasp or          similar as it's very forgiving

The Course can be attended by 2 as long as they come together.

The price for 1person is £180 and £340 for 2

I try to be as flexible as possible so, suggest a few good dates to suit you and I'll see how they fit in the diary.

​You can also purchase a Gift Voucher.

I will prepare a light lunch of tortilla (spanish potato omelette),  chorizo caramelised in a clay pot and tomato with olive oil.  Feel free to bring your own food should you prefer.
Coffee and tea available all day.
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